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Basic understanding of violence

  • Mardi Gras is over

    I hope you all had a happy and safe Mardi Gras season.  There was much drinking, singing, parading, nudity and some violence.  The big news in Mardi Gras violence this year is in the shooting on burbon st.  If you find yourself in a similar situation there are some critical things to remember.  Bullets come out of the gun, and dont stop until they hit something solid enough to stop them (we call it cover).  So in a "crowd shooting" move away from the shooter and put people and things between you and the shooter.  People do stop bullets.  Another "safe" place to be is behind the shooter- think of a "line of sight" or a "cone of focus" if you cant be beyond it (cover) than try to be outside of it.  In this shooting, the gunman appeared to be shooting randomly at belly height into the crowd- in a situation like that where you find some random A-hole putting a gun to your belly you need to move the gun "off line" or deflect it.  Then you need to nuetralize the gunman.  Many people will focus their defensive effort on the "tool used", not the "tool using".  Taking the gun away is only reasonable if you can do it quickly and it results in death or injury of the threat person.  Doing anything besides trying to get some cover and distance between you and the shooter is unreasonable unless there is no other option.  In this case the shooter blasted four people in a massive crowd (on camera) and was able to calmly walk away- nobody who carries concealed would be carrying and celebrating Mardi Gras-  the police had to respond from a block away and through a crowd of thousands, and no rational person would try to shoot in a crowd of thousands- unless their life depended on it that is.  But of course this particular idiot didnt care about human lives, laws, his own stupidity, or even himself.  Think about that the next time people ask "why should I worry about self defense", or "shouldnt it be illegal for people to do that".

  • Just saw this one in yahoo news

    She used the backpacker bear spray :)  And a pointy stick..... a scary combination.



  • A video on how to use car keys or the "Heart Attack"

    Keep in mind that when I made this video, that "fistfull of keys" method I started out with did work, but it hurt.  It hurt the pumpkin worse, but when the keys "offset" or splay out, they are splaying out into your hand and it hurts.  The "stabbing key method works great- but remember that you may need that key to drive to safetey, and you may have just bent it in somebodies eye socket (so use a "unused " key).  The heart attack force multiplier (as you can see) works very good, and they work for exactly the same reason that the "gimlet knife" was banned in the 1740-1880's- they are very easy for anyone to use VERY effectively.  Basically their design makes you use them right- "pointy end goes into the body, repeat."


  • Tulane Thanksgiving week

    This week we addressed philosophy- basically how YOU determine your own approach to defending your self, your family, and your property.  Remember that the techniques we cover in class are for when your ability to Avoid, escape, evade, get help, or negotiate have failed or you can reasonably assume they will fail (for example you are in the ladies room, a man comes in, locks the door, immediately stabs a woman in front of you and then moves towards you).  Deception, bluffing, distraction may all still be viable, but in this case causing injury or death to the opponent should be an immediate consideration.  I can tell you that based upon Boyd's cycle (the OODA Loop) it is better in every case to take the offensive rather that try to keep up by being reactive to an attack- what I cannot decide for you is when it is appropriate to "make the decision" to do that.  I can not tell YOU when to use force that will injure or kill another person- rape is a good example.  For some people rape is worse than death psychologically (in some cultures this is "normal") in those cases deadly force may be appropriate in the case of attempted rape- when the person attempts to rape you you attempt to injure or kill them if no other options are rational or viable).  A prostitute on the other hand may think of sex as a financial transaction, and rape as the same as theft of 100-500 dollars- therefore not worth endangering your life or your attacker's over.  I can not and will not try to make that decision for you, you must make it for yourself, and you should think about it now and on a semi-regular basis as you grow and learn through the course of your life.  When a true predator attacks you they will not give you time to hum it over- you will need to act "right now".  I know in my case if someone pulls out a knife and asks for my wallet I will give it to them "right now"- it isn't worth 50$ and some canceled credit cards to get cut up and beat some stranger to death.  I know if my door gets kicked in in the middle of the night I will grab my pistol with the intent of defending my home and my family with several well aimed rounds to the home invaders body.  In other words, identifying the intruder, asking them to lay on the floor, all of those things will probably be done- but even with every advantage the best the intruder can hope for is that we will both die (possible outcomes in combat: you die, they die, you both die) because I have made the decision to use deadly force to defend my home and my family if needed.  To make it "less difficult" I use a 12 gauge and a 357 magnum so I can be reasonably assured of success.  Of course I also use all of those passive protections like advoidance (I dont hang out with idiots, nor do I welcome them in my home), Escape (safe room), Assistance (alarm system with auto response), Communicate/negotiate (better done with a 12 gauge and law enforcement on the way).  What I am getting at is decide "when you would" now, so if you "have to" you can get right to work.  If you decide now, when things start to get "sideways" you can focus on "how" you will injure them instead of "if" you should.


  • example of 3rd cerical vertabrae



    Its hard to find video of a 3rd cervical strike, but here are some that give you an idea.  That particular part of your spine can easily be moved forward enough to sever your spinal cord.  The 1st,2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th all lock together and are harder to move- thats why Im pretty sure the hockey shot actually hit his 4-7 (otherwise I think he would have died or been permanently paralyzed immediately.  As it was, he did have damage to his spine that resulted in him missing 78 games.  He is still plaving proffessional hockey :)

  • another example of vagus/carotid sinus


  • Peroneal knock out


    Note: this type of knockout does two things, 1. It tells the other leg that both are damaged causeing both legs to give out. 2. It tells the body that the leg is damaged causing the femoral artery on both legs to expand (hypovolemic shock) and reducing blood pressure to the point where you lay down (pass out).

  • Another vagus/carotid sinus


  • Good video on the neck nerves


  • vagus nerve/carotid sinus


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