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  • Every Other Hour

    So i'm here in Chicago and I noticed they have a radio program called "every other hour".  The program reminded me that I haven't really been putting much work into this web site as of late.  I do believe that my fellow Americans with their tradition of individual liberty and sovereignty deserve the best information and tools they can get to preserve their liberty and their lives.  So naturally when i listened to a daily program dedicated to the people shot every other hour in the Chicago area it reminded me that I should probably keep up this blog.  While there is a focus here on "gun crime" there is little attention to "regular crime" like the man who was beaten and raped by two other men while walking up his apartment stairwell.  It was a random assault.  I probably shouldn't need to point this out but unfortunately I do: In places like Chicago where you have to have a permit and background check TO EVEN OWN A FIREARM (NOT to carry it) every single thug, banger, and freak is already committing a "gun crime", and it is a small step from that "crime" to many others.  Recently  well known gun control activist was in the news because it was just exposed that she had applied for a FOID (firearm Owner Identification Card) and a Concealed Carry License.    When the obvious taste of rusty nail was pointed out to her (mmmmmm Irony) she said it was just too dangerous to not have a gun.  My recommendation for her would be this:  Get some training.  No trash talking on her political leanings, no cries of disarm her she's a hypocrite.  She should go to an NRA, POST (Law Enforcement), or Military Instructor and learn safe handling and operation of her chosen piece- and so should you if you take that route.  So remember- friends don't keep friends from defending themselves.

  • Regarding posts on this blog:

    If you are just commenting on this blog so you can advertise for knock off glasses, vacations in cuba, or Chinese handbags please don't.  I'm not going to approve them.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

  • Sophie B Wright School presentation

    I wanted to thank everyone in Mrs. Novod's class, it is always a pleasure to share information with people that want to learn.  Some important things to remember if you are viewing this blog site:  Do not try this stuff at home!  Do not do it to your mother, brother, sister, father, uncle, dog or cat.  These techniques are designed to cause INJURY not pain or discomfort.  If you are going to practice these techniques do it in a school with the appropriate instructor and safety measures.  Also keep in mind that physical violence should only be used in conjunction with Avoidance, escape, evasion, or when those things have failed.  And plan your future- you can always modify that plan as you proceed, but failing to plan is just planning to fail.

  • Mardi Gras is over

    I hope you all had a happy and safe Mardi Gras season.  There was much drinking, singing, parading, nudity and some violence.  The big news in Mardi Gras violence this year is in the shooting on burbon st.  If you find yourself in a similar situation there are some critical things to remember.  Bullets come out of the gun, and dont stop until they hit something solid enough to stop them (we call it cover).  So in a "crowd shooting" move away from the shooter and put people and things between you and the shooter.  People do stop bullets.  Another "safe" place to be is behind the shooter- think of a "line of sight" or a "cone of focus" if you cant be beyond it (cover) than try to be outside of it.  In this shooting, the gunman appeared to be shooting randomly at belly height into the crowd- in a situation like that where you find some random A-hole putting a gun to your belly you need to move the gun "off line" or deflect it.  Then you need to nuetralize the gunman.  Many people will focus their defensive effort on the "tool used", not the "tool using".  Taking the gun away is only reasonable if you can do it quickly and it results in death or injury of the threat person.  Doing anything besides trying to get some cover and distance between you and the shooter is unreasonable unless there is no other option.  In this case the shooter blasted four people in a massive crowd (on camera) and was able to calmly walk away- nobody who carries concealed would be carrying and celebrating Mardi Gras-  the police had to respond from a block away and through a crowd of thousands, and no rational person would try to shoot in a crowd of thousands- unless their life depended on it that is.  But of course this particular idiot didnt care about human lives, laws, his own stupidity, or even himself.  Think about that the next time people ask "why should I worry about self defense", or "shouldnt it be illegal for people to do that".

  • Just saw this pool alarm demonstration and thought it was pretty cool.




  • How the gun control debate is increasing American ignorance

    After my third day of watching the anti-second amendment crowd utilize the mass murder of children in their “tragic proof we need gun control” story line my wife was getting frustrated with me.  After watching a long list of emergency room surgeons claim they could tell if a person was shot with an “assault rifle” as opposed to a “hunting gun”, that assault weapon bullets are designed to “blow up” when they hit a person, and that “assault rifles have no hunting purpose”.  We were both getting frustrated.  After I watched Piers Morgan shout down Dr. James Lott from Yale (the man who has done the most comprehensive long term international firearms and crime correlation study to date- actually two of them) and then nod in approval while Dr Gupta ( a CNN medical correspondent) stated that “assault weapons are weapons of mass destruction” I was disgusted.  Basically, when we are forced to watch a hand-picked group of opinion generators who consistently lie to us while we wait to see the weather report, we begin to lose our grip on what is real, and trade it for a lie.  So I decided to jump in a throw everyone a line- don’t expect much, the truth isn’t that exciting except when you realize you have been lied to.

    The gun control argument is a simple one, yet the desire to make it more palatable to the “average Joe” has made it increasingly complex.  In the United States it is a civil right for a law abiding citizen to be able to own a modern military type light weapon in order to defend themselves against enemies both foreign and domestic.  In order for that firearm to have a short barrel, be fully automatic or select fire, have a sound suppressor one must pay taxes on it to the BATFE.  This has been decided again and again in the Supreme Court, and while it is kind of beyond arguing at this point those who want Americans of certain classes disarmed will still attempt to make it.  Many people believe that this right to an effective means of self defense is outdated or anachronistic, and would like to have this and other civil rights eliminated.  It is their belief that firearms have value in sports, possibly in hunting, and in the hands of a special class of citizen. That is a very simple concept, and it is not unheard of throughout the globe, in fact it is common in places like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Serbia, and Russia.  In many cases other American civil rights have been altered or abridged due to popular opinion without major chaos or revolt.  The first amendment, while not protecting individuals from speech likely to incite immediate violence or chaos did protect your right to speak.  But with laws that protect the speech of certain classes, or undermine the rights of others, that right has been abridged.  You have the right to say certain things if you are of a certain class.  Due to the public fears of Islamic terrorism the Patriot act was passed, and the protections from “illegal search and seizure”, habeas corpus, and trial by jury have all been “modified” for certain cases.  The very concept of being able to track down and assassinate an American at home or abroad without even a perfunctory trial would have seemed ludicrous twenty years ago, but as of January 2012 it is not only the law, it has been done.  I do not believe the point of all this is so aliens can take over, to facilitate mass extermination and one world government, or any other crackpot theory.  I think these things are done by overly confident people who are sure they know what is best for everyone generally, and who knows- maybe they are right.  So why must the argument for gun control be so full of liars and idiots who are granted the public podium?

    The lies

    Here is when I started to get really upset:  The use of the mass murder in CT as an excuse to politically attack a civil rights organization (the NRA) and pretend that it is something else such as a corporate lobbyist, a front for gun companies, or a shelter for mad gunmen.  This was then followed by news interview after news interview with some of the most ignorant people in respectable positions I have ever seen.  I will give you some examples here, try to clear up the nonsense and maybe we will all feel a little less stupid from having our eyes blighted by the local news and CNN.

    First, the study performed by Dr. Lott (Yale University 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004) proved conclusively that when firearm bans are enacted crimes go up.  You have to go to the Social Science Research Network for copies, they are not on Wikipedia, in fact according to Wikipedia his surveys were lost and he was accused of fabricating evidence.  There is also a link to the surveys on reference 58 of Wikipedia despite the contention.  There has been a lot of effort to attack his work from changing the measurement technique of the data curves to linear measurement; to simply arguing “you’re a liar gun crime went down in many places” (Lott’s study indicates that crime overall went up when the population was disarmed, gun crime only went up for 3-4 years after the populations were disarmed).  Because of these attacks he re-did the study extended it out to 2004 and found his results consistent.  No gun control advocacy group to date has addressed this study with anything other than accusations of “liar” and other non-productive forms of heckling.

    On CNN 19 December 2012 Dr. Sanjay Gupta referred to assault weapons as weapons of “mass destruction”.  I am just shocked at his complete ignorance to be honest.  In the past he has also referred to poor nutrition as a weapon of mass destruction.  I think I have finally figured out why despite the discovery of chemical artillery rounds in Iraq we never found any weapons of mass destruction.  We were either holding them or eating them.  I never knew my M16 was so good, and my MRE’s were so bad, thanks Dr. Gupta, now I see why you work for the President.

    On WGNO New Orleans I watched two representatives talk about new firearm regulations.  One wanted a gun ban on assault weapons, the other one didn’t know what she meant, because assault rifles are already banned, and a weapon is anything that can be used or constructed to gain an advantage over an enemy.  “Assault weapons” is a mashed together “catch all” creation that doesn’t have a real world counterpart; it is a political term that varies from time to time and state to state.  She replied, well “those guns you can shoot over and over without having to reload”.  He then explained that a semi-automatic had to have a round chambered, and then it would shoot a bullet every time you pulled the trigger- but you still had to reload, just not as often.  She said “good, than you would support me if I move to ban guns that shoot every time you pull the trigger”.  He replied “no, that would mean you would be banning every double action revolver built since the late 1800’s, I think you need to study this a little more before you proceed”.  I changed the channel.

    After I changed the channel I landed on another news station that was interviewing two emergency room trauma surgeons.  They both made the following points in support of repealing the second amendment:  They have treated tens of thousands of gunshot victims here in New Orleans (really- they must have treated every single one in the last ten years, neither looked over 45, so they must have graduated school with Doogie Howser) and they can both tell on sight if a person has been shot with an assault weapon.  They can tell because the bullets from an assault weapon are designed to explode on impact and cause much more destruction to the human body due to their fragmenting design.  Two surgeons said this on television forever convincing untold thousands of a complete lie.

    Just so you all know an “assault rifle”: “is a selective fire fully automatic or burst capable rifle that fires and intermediate cartridge (between full length rifle and automatic pistol) from a magazine.  They are standard issue in the armies of the world, and most law enforcement agencies of the world”.  They are not to be confused with light machine guns that fire sustained automatic fire, or submachine guns that utilize pistol calibers such as 380 ACP (automatic colt pistol) 9mm, 10mm, 45 ACP, or 32 ACP.  They should also not be confused with “assault weapons”.  Unlike the term assault rifle, the term “assault weapon” has no consistent or specific definition and is, therefore, subject to varying definitions for varying purposes, including definitions that include common non-military firearms.  To this day, after 22 years in the Marine Corps, I cannot tell if somebody has been shot with a rifle on burst or semi-automatic, I can only guess based on the fact that on automatic good riflemen miss more often.  I can tell if someone has been shot with a pistol or rifle about 80% of the time with confidence.  I am an expert rifleman, a former military EMT, a former special investigator, and former Sniper.  I can tell you these two don’t have any more idea of what they are talking about that I have about brain surgery (at least the kind folks live through).

    The reason I wanted to point out the difference here is to show the absolute silliness of the claim that you could tell what type of firearm created a given wound since every cartridge is used in multiple platforms.  In fact the most well know “assault rifles” the M-16 and the AK-47 shoot calibers that are found in bolt action rifles and even pistols.  Somehow theses surgeons can tell at a glance if a person was shot with a 9mm, a 380, or a 357 based on the destruction (the 357 is used in some small carbines and revolvers, it is by far more destructive than the other two)?  All three of those have nearly the same diameter, the 380 and 9mm are occasionally found in the type of guns banned in California, Illinois, New York, and Connecticut such as Mac-10’s or Tec 9’s.  These miracle working doctors can tell if a person gets shot with an AR-15 vs. a Remington 700 in .223?  It is the same bullet, traveling at the same speed, only a forensic analysis of the bullet and rifling could reveal which gun fired it.  To further prove to the world that they are completely ignorant of that which they wish to take away from their fellow citizens (firearms) they claimed that “assault weapon ammunition is designed to blow up”.

    Actually assault rifle ammunition is designed to hold together so that it can shoot through enemy soldier’s helmets, car doors and sand bags. All rifle and “intermediate rifle” ammunition travels very fast so you can shoot far with it.  A battle rifle from World War One shoots much farther than a modern M4, and is more likely to kill when it gets there, as it is a full length rifle round.  Intermediate rounds like 5.56/.223 or 7.62x 39 travel faster and farther than pistol rounds but lack the lethality and range of large rifle rounds.  That is why snipers use rifles, and not assault rifles.  Any fast moving bullet will break bones, damage tissue, and even start to break at the canalure where it is seated or crimped  in the case.  The copper jacketing may also get peeled apart as it passes though bone, walls, or metal.  This is all despite the best engineering efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen.  Now a 38 revolver with a Glaser safety round is designed to hit you and bust open inside you.  Police use them as well as hydro shock and black talon hollow points.  This isn’t to make the emergency room surgeon’s job more difficult, it is to make sure that the bullet stops in the intended target, and not in the house next door. It is designed that way to save innocent lives.  But they don’t offer anything like that (at least not past the experimental stage) for “assault rifles”.

    My personal experience with 5.56 or “AR-15 type ammo” is that is a poor performer at close range unless you have a short barrel like an M4.  I watched a lot a men in Iraq have dust knocked off of them by bullets that just passed right through their bodies without injuring them enough to immediately stop them from shooting at me and
    my fellow survivors.  One of my compatriots shot a man with an AK-47 seven times from six feet away with a 9mm berretta pistol during a firefight.  He was very upset for days not just by the fact that he had to kill a man who was trying to kill him, but by the fact that it took so many shots to the man’s chest.  Too bad we didn’t have these magical surgeons around to tell the bullets to “blow up”.

    What does it all mean?

    For me it means that there is either a collective ignorance about guns driving the effort to abolish the second amendment, or a clear intent to misinform citizens on a mass level in order to accomplish what some people believe to be the right thing.  For me I took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, and to me that includes the first ten amendments (aka the bill of rights).  I would be hard to convince in any case, but when the effort to convince me is based on ignorance and lies, it only convinces me to speak up.  I hope that my voice, even if it can’t pull the wool from them,  will at least get the sheep out of your eyes.

  • My thoughts on the mass murder in Connecticut

    The Mass Murder in Connecticut


    There has been a great deal of sorrow, pain, sympathy, and heartache over the mass murder that was perpetrated by an obviously sick, twisted and/or evil person.  There is no acceptable “reason” behind what he did, only excuses.  We may discover that like the University of Texas Tower murderer who was killed by officer Martinez in 1966 he had a brain tumor that destroyed his sanity.  We may discover that much like the child molester and killer from Chicago who dressed like a clown; the mass murderer from Connecticut was just too mentally unfit to live in a human civilization.  There is a certain point in the real world when we have to focus on what people actually do before we focus on what they may have done or might have done.


    One of the first steps in this is in accepting the reality that this is not a tragedy.  This was not a play, not a literary work, not a performance designed to elicit an audiences “we shall overcome” response.  This was the work of a murderer whom I will not even give the honor of mentioning his name.  Just for the confused or uninformed- this is the most “flexible” definition of a tragedy:



    — n , pl -dies


    1. (Esp in classical and Renaissance drama) a play in which the protagonist, usually a man of importance and outstanding personal qualities, falls to disaster through the combination of a personal failing and circumstances with which he cannot deal .


    2. (In later drama, such as that of Ibsen) a play in which the protagonist is overcome by a combination of social and psychological circumstances


    3. Any dramatic or literary composition dealing with serious or somber  themes and ending with disaster


    4. (In medieval literature) a literary work in which a great person falls from prosperity to disaster, often through no fault of his own


    5. The branch of drama dealing with such themes


    6. The unfortunate aspect of something


    7. A shocking or sad event; disaster


    In this case, although from the media presentation it was “shocking” in reality it wasn’t shocking as much as it was simply offensive and disgusting.  It was no more “shocking” than the child murders all over the globe to include the 23 schoolchildren and one adult who were attacked by a 36 year old knife wielding man on the same day in China; or the eight small children (under 6) who were butchered in class by a doctor in 2010 in Beijing.  Perhaps the 20 year old who attempted to commit a mass shooting in Portland at a mall not even two weeks before shocked you?  If it did you must live in a cave, although mass shootings in the US have been declining since 2000, mass murder globally is not, and shootings in general are mother’s milk to the media.

    This was not a “sad event” either.  This was a horrific event that consisted of the most offensive adult brutality being directed at defenseless women and children for no possible purpose aside from the immediate thrill and the resulting infamy.  Missing my son’s recital because I have to work is sad; having my defenseless child executed is horrific.  To refer to this as an “unfortunate” or “sad event” is an insult.

    This mass shooting was not a disaster.  No plane crashed, no business failed, no rainfall ruined a home.  Another human being flouted every possible gun law in Connecticut and then broke into a school and murdered 26 human beings in cold blood just because he was sick, lazy, lame, or crazy.  It was a massacre by a lone gunman as far as we can tell.  That isn’t a disaster that’s a massacre, if it was a “disaster” we would refer to the Holocaust as a “disaster” (which I’m sure the President of Iran does from time to time).  Referring to this or any massacre as a “disaster” is akin to saying that priests being arrested for molestation is “unfortunate” (I guess it is…. For the priest).

    In the future I would like to see more of my fellow citizens take the media and your peers to task on this.  The Connecticut shootings were not a “tragedy” involving a young man who should be known in every home on the globe.  It was a disgusting and horrific massacre of defenseless women and children by a piece of human filth who should be buried in an unmarked grave- preferably under the protective custody inmate’s shared urinal of the Connecticut State Penitentiary.

    Technically, the “tragedy” in this case is when the media and media figures use this massacre to political advantage by using the horror to elicit a public response, and then utilizing that response to gain public support and political advantage (yeah I know- read the definition of “tragedy” again).  In some sense, the change they may be trying for is intelligent, rational, proven, and needed (like active shooter training and on-sight armed staff in “gun-free” zones), in some sense it is just disgusting.  Really, the next idiot who says “now the NRA is going to want to arm six year olds” should go live in one of the Ivory Coast “youth recruitment” camps for year.  My point is that in any sense to utilize this horror as a means to play a “tragedy” to the public is lowbrow, and morally reprehensible for this reason:  Under every definition of a “tragedy” it was this poor young fellow’s misfortune to have been exposed to a firearm- which then made him fall from great heights to great disaster through no fault of his own.  I don’t buy that, and neither should you.  Those people murdered by this piece of waste, their families, and your fellow citizens need strong compatriots who will not be coddled, told it is “tragic” (therefore acceptable), and that it was the school, the NRA, the Government, the State, or anyone else’s fault besides the spineless filth that did it.

  • cameras and mass shootings

    The attempted mass murder in the Clackamas Mall near Portland Oregon reminded me of an often under-utilized tactical method. Because many people are slow to adapt to technological innovation they often believe everyone is is as well. In the case of business place shootings, many times law enforcement officers react in the same way today that they did ten years ago. In doing so they forget a critical difference: Schools, Malls, Theaters, Banks etc all have security systems- many homes now have security systems. Unlike a decade ago these systems are tied into an internet backbone and can be accessed remotely. Unlike a decade ago any law enforcement officer with a smart phone can be given a code and allowed to access that system to determine if there are multiple shooters, high risk of collateral damage with any given entry, and the ability to remotely collect information on the shooters level of awareness, logistical capability, and ability to do harm. In many cases LEO's (law enforcement officer/organizations) have had to wait cautiously outside long after the suspect has killed himself, and then do a long and painstaking search for hidden victims, or explosives. All of this could be being done by a two person team talking to the LEO's via radio, even sending them video for clarity, and the minute the perpetrator is captured or killed damage control can begin. This is something that should be common knowledge at every precinct in the US.

  • My favorite spy camera

    I have been asked what my favorite spy camera is, and although there is a neat factor with things like the pen camera device http://www.dsispystore.com/hidden-cameras-with-dvrs/pen-hidden-video-camera-mini-dvr-thumb-drive-with-audio.html I have no need to record a conversation at work, catch a cheating spouse on film, or provide video of somebody taunting my child. What I do like is knowing what goes on in my bedroom and living room while I am away. Like my dog (we lost her recently and the she devil is missed) pissing on my side of the bed and in my suitcase when I packed for trips. Knowing that my babysitter doesnt do anything terribly invasive or criminal in my house when the wife and I go out. So I guess my top pick right now is the magic mirror. And it is hands down a better agent for santa than the "elf on a shelf". http://www.dsispystore.com/hidden-cameras-with-dvrs/mirror-hidden-camera-with-built-in-dvr.html

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